Volunteers are essential to meeting the Garden’s mission of connecting people and plants. Join this community of plant lovers and contribute to the success of a beloved San Francisco institution.

Welcome, prospective volunteers!


Thank you for your interest in volunteering at the Garden. In observance of the latest guidelines from local and state public health authorities, we have limited opportunities for volunteers. Please submit an application indicating your interest, and we will reach out when new opportunities are available.


Garden volunteers must:

  • Have a current SFBG membership.

  • Have an email address; this is our main form of communication for all volunteers.

  • Be at least 15 years of age. Volunteers under 18 must complete a minor consent form. 

  • Submit an online volunteer application form:


After an application form is received, a short/informal interview in the garden will be scheduled. Volunteers will then be asked to:

  • Read and agree to follow the Garden’s volunteer policies and procedures as defined in our Volunteer Handbook.

  • Attend a docent-led garden tour.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

I can't seem to get the iOS or Android app to open on my phone

We have had some users experience issues opening the app when updates have been performed. If this is the case, we recommend uninstalling and installing the app and logging in again. If despite this you still experience ongoing issues, please contact us via the Contact Us form below and we will get it fixed for you. One can always complete the daily screen via the web platform at www.edusafe.io as well (we simply recommending viewing the screening questionnaire in landscape mode if this is the case)

My child failed the screen today, what do I need to do next?

We always recommend confirming the return to school policy at your own institution prior to making any decisions. For those users in Ontario, the provincial government has outlined their recommendations for what to do for a failed screen/sick response. You can view a summary of those recommendations at https://www.edusafe.app/failed-screens. In general, we would always recommend consulting your local public health office or health care provider if there is uncertainty.

Where do the screening questions come from?

In general, the screening questions you see reflect the most recent guidelines from your regional public health authority. Your own school may modify the questionnaire slightly depending on their own internal policies and procedures.

I made a mistake completing my screen. How can I fix it?

Individual users are not able to 'go back' and change their answers, but if you entered a response in error, you should contact your school. Administrators have the ability to verify and correct screening responses should this issue arise.

What is your data use policy?

In short form: your data is treated as personal health information, meaning that is never shared with anyone other than your school. It is never for sale and is encrypted to meet the rigorous standards governing the collection and maintenance for health record collection. Please see https://www.edusafe.app/privacy-policy for our full privacy statement.

Learn more about how volunteers support the Garden below. Please note that volunteer needs fluctuate throughout the year.

Although the Garden is open to visitors, many volunteer programs will be on pause as the Garden responds to COVID-19 concerns.



1199 9th Ave

San Francisco, CA 94122

Email: info@sfbg.org

Phone: (415) 661-1316

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San Francisco Botanical Garden is a public/private partnership between San Francisco Botanical Garden Society and the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department.

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