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Wrapping Up Week One

Thank you for such a wonderful first week of Garden Camp!

On our last day we spent our time exploring as many of the different gardens that the San Francisco Botanical Garden has to offer. In Garden Camp we spend most of our time between the Great Meadow and the Children's Garden, and we wanted to take some time to make sure our campers had an opportunity to explore some other gardens and satisfy their curiosity.

One of the gardens our campers traveled to was the Ancient Plant Garden. In this garden there are giant dinosaur footprints that follow a boardwalk trail through, allowing us to walk back in time and see what different prehistoric plants are still around today. Campers enjoyed transporting themselves back to a different time while marveling at the size of some of our plants!

Another garden they spent some time in was the Fragrance Garden. Don't be misled, just because this garden is full of plants that smell does not always mean they smell good! Campers got to take large whiffs of flowers and herbs and other scented beauties, reporting the difference between scents and marveling at how strong some of them actually smelled.

The Bamboo Forest in our Temperate Asia Garden received some love as well. Our campers enjoyed taking a break from Friday's heat in the bamboo's cool shade.

It was a joy to have some family members join us in the Great Meadow! We invited parents to arrive early any join the camp groups near their dedicated tree (Walnuts or Cedars) as we closed the week. During this time our group leaders engaged in conversation with campers to have them share their favorite memories or things that they learned, as well as giving every camper time to share some of the observations and writings that were done in their camp journals.

It was a beautiful week in the Garden and such a joy to share it with you and your campers! We thank you for all of the laughter and learning that we got to do together and hope to see you again next year!

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