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Nature Alone

What an exciting second day of camp we had!

Today our campers learned all about different ways that nature functions on its own. The theme for today was Nature Alone as we focused on how nature operates when we as people are not there to interact with them.

After learning our new chants ("Hey Garden Camp!" "Hey What!") we dismissed the campers off into individual groups. On their own they spent some time playing games, making observations around the garden, and journaling.

During Ecology, AJ had our campers running around playing a game of blob tag. They discussed predators who exist in the wild do nothing but consume, consume, consume until there's nothing left! After that we learned about the food web. We took some time learning about how energy flows up the food web, but also how it flows back down.

During Art, Spencer had our campers back up in Coyote Landing. As a new field we're still clearing out and setting up, Spencer had the brilliant idea of having our campers paint rocks that will be left in Coyote Landing around a patch of wildflowers. On the rocks Spencer had the campers paint animals and what they eat from their environment. We have a whole zoo out there!

This morning we had campers arriving and tell us that it was a "blustery morning" but thankfully by lunch time the sun came out and the cloud covered cleared away. The wind returned in the afternoon full speed ahead but our Garden Campers never let anything get in their way! We took some time on the Great Meadow to play some more games as a large group and let our excess energy out.

Today's snack: apples and pretzels

Questions For My Camper:

We hope that once you're home for the day you're continuing to engage with your campers about Garden Camp and the things that they learned. Here are a few questions that you could ask them to get the conversation started!

-What animal did you choose to paint on your rock during Art? Why?

-What did nature sound like today? What did nature smell like today?

-How do you think humans fit in to the web of life?

Tomorrow we'll be taking some time to do some in-depth exploring of some gardens that we have yet to focus on as we discuss our last theme of the day: Nature and Our Community. Please send your camper in their Garden Camp t-shirt. If they did not have a chance to pick up their t-shirt at the end of the day today, we will make sure they get it in the morning!

Our second day of Garden Camp was a blast and it's so hard for us to believe our mini week is almost over!

If you would like to see what our campers have been up to this week, please feel free to come to our family open house which begins at 3:30 pm. Campers will be able to show you their main project they've been working on these past few days and many of them are very excited!

See you tomorrow!

Jenn Tapler


Garden Camp Director Office: 415-661-1316 x404

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