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July 15th - First Day of Camp

Hello families!

My name's Jenn and I'm the Garden Camp Director. I had the pleasure of meeting many of you this morning during drop-off and this afternoon during pick-up, as well as the joy of spending my day with all of your campers. I had the ability to rotate between all groups and observe a little bit of everything that was going on in the Garden. Every day this week there will be a blog post discussing some of the things that your campers were able to do at camp today.

This week our campers will spend their time learning all about the Extraordinary Ecosystems that exist in this big world. Our two focused goals this week are learning about different ecological cycles and how those cycles relate to their own lives, as well as learning about how change in weather and climate affects plants, animals, and people.

Today's focus was on Mediterranean Climates Around the Globe! We know that the climate in San Francisco is special, cool, and coastal, but there are many climates like ours around the world. That's why plants from similar climates are able to thrive here!

Feeling confused? Don't worry. Even I still struggle with the difference between weather and climate these days.

Weather is defined as the day-to-day variation of the atmosphere's condition locally, while climate is defined as the variations of weather conditions over long periods of time.

Our first day of camp was spent familiarizing ourselves with the Garden as well as learning how we behave in different gardens throughout. Did you know that the only garden we can actively touch and feel the plants is the Children's Garden? The Children's Garden has so much space for us as well as different plants for us to be exposed to us.

One of the joys of this week is that it's Flower Piano week! As we explored the Garden we were able to soak in the sounds of pianos from all different gardens. Between listening to some unscheduled performances and a few of us getting to try our own hand on the pianos, there was beautiful music everywhere we went.

Questions For My Camper:

We would love for you to continue engaging with your camper now that the day has ended and preparing them for their time in the Garden tomorrow. Here are some questions that you could ask them to get the conversation started!

-What are some of the things that you did in the Children's Garden today?

-Did you observe any insects or bugs today? Could you describe what you saw to me?

-Do you know some of the things that make up a Mediterranean climate? What are they?

Tomorrow we'll keep exploring together while continuing to think about all the Extraordinary Ecosystems that we can find in the Garden. We had a great day with your campers and are excited for a fun filled week!

See you tomorrow!

Jenn Tapler


Garden Camp Director

Office: 415-661-1316 x404

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