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Plant Sales

For more than 50 years, we've held popular plant sales and are now pleased to offer plants for sale every day at the Plant Shop.


Aided by enthusiastic and knowledgeable volunteers, amateur and professional gardeners alike will find premium plants and delight in finding a few rare and unusual gems along the way!

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Upcoming Plant Sales

Plant Shop Open Daily!

10:00am - 4:00pm

Upcoming Plant Sales: 

  • January 14-15 - Magnolia and Friends

  • February 11-12 - Plants for Shade

  • March 11-12 - Houseplants

  • April 8-9 - Cacti and Succulents

  • May 13-14 - Pollinator Plants

  • June 10-11 - Herbs and Medicinal plants

  • July 8-9 - Rock Garden and Container Plants

  • August 12-13 - Epiphytes

  • Rescheduled to September 23-24 - California Natives

  • October 14-15 - Dry Garden

  • November 11-12 - Ferns

  • December 9-10 - End of Season Sale

The Plant Shop

Plants are available for sale daily, 10:00am - 4:00pm in the open-air Plant Shop next to the Garden Bookstore on the Main Gate esplanade. Peruse and purchase plants with staff on hand to offer advice. 

Plant Sale FAQ's

Do I have to pay admission to attend the plant sale?

Plant Sales are free for everyone to attend and take place at the Plant Shop in the Entry Garden near the Main Gate and Bookstore before you enter the Garden. 

Do members receive special benefits at plant sales?

Absolutely! ​Members get 10% off at all plant sales including at the Plant Shop.

See our Membership page for more info on membership benefits.

What plants are available at the sale?

A wide range of our best plants are available at each plant sale, focused around a seasonal featured theme but not limited to the seasonal feature--all plant types are well represented at each sale. 

Sign up here for our monthly e-newsletter, Leaflet, for a reminder before each sale and like the Garden on Social Media for additional plant sale information. For specific questions please contact Nursery Assistant Diane Glaub.

Where do I park?

Limited free street parking is available in Golden Gate Park– please note time limit restrictions. Additional paid parking and bicycle racks are located in the Music Concourse Garage. During all plant sales, a temporary loading zone is available outside the Main Gate. See our Visit page for more info on visiting the gardens and where to park!

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