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Michael McKechnieExecutive Director Michael McKechnie
By building partnerships among diverse organizations, focusing on creative programming, and establishing the right priorities, Executive Director Michael McKechnie has managed the successful growth of four vital nonprofits and served on the governing boards of a number of research, fundraising and civic organizations where he has provided governance, financial, and strategic planning oversight.

Garden Feast Preview

Dear Friends,

One week in Zihuatanejo, Mexico
One week in Zihuatanejo, Mexico

Ginkgo biloba 'Munchkin'

Garden Feast this year will make you happy not only because of the great food, setting and crowds of garden lovers, but also this year's shopping experience promises to be more than usually therapeutic – and fun!  Our volunteers and contributors have outdone themselves.  Two round-trip tickets to Zurich (non-stop) come to mind, thanks to our friends at SWISS. Airfare to the center of Europe. I would bid on that.  Then there's the raffle for a stay in Paris in a luxury apartment.  Hmmm.  Wonder how that might go together.  Going south there's a one week stay in Zihuatinejo, Mexico at the fabulous TIDES resort.  I can really see that mid-winter.

For those of you who are travel-averse or have traveled too much lately there are plenty of items for the stay-at-home.  Like pots.  Fantastic pots in all shapes, sizes and colors, some as old as 100 years.  And to put into those pots?  Plants, dozens and dozens of beautiful and rare plants to grace your garden or home.  How about an extinct-in-the-wild Deppea splendens with purple bracts and golden pendant flowers or a rare dwarf ginkgo?  Preview some of the many items up for auction here. There is something to fit every pocketbook and every taste.  Fine wines, jewelry, botanical art and much, much more.

This year's speaker, Pam Pierce, knows all about gardening in the Bay Area.  She's written more than one book about it, and she is particularly keen on growing her own fruits and vegetables, an old practice that is once again all the rage.  I'm going to see what I can learn about growing food in my small City garden.  I hear it can be done!

If you have not yet registered for Garden Feast, you still have time.  You will be supporting our 10,000-strong youth education programs and enjoying an afternoon in the midst of one of the world's great gardens. You won't want to miss this one.  You will be helping the kids, and the shopping is going to be spectacular!

Warm best wishes,


Michael McKechnie
Executive Director, San Francisco Botanical Garden Society


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