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Michael McKechnieBy building partnerships among diverse organizations, focusing on creative programming, and establishing the right priorities, Executive Director Michael McKechnie has managed the successful growth of four vital nonprofits and served on the governing boards of a number of research, fundraising and civic organizations where he has provided governance, financial, and strategic planning oversight.

Dear Friends,

San Francisco Botanical Garden Plant Sale

San Francisco Botanical Garden Plant Sale

San Francisco Botanical Garden Plant Sale

San Francisco Botanical Garden Plant Sale

San Francisco Botanical Garden Plant Sale

As I write this letter rain clouds are gathering rapidly and the wind is picking up. At last, some water for our thirsty gardens that we don't have to pay for! It appears that this could be a wet winter but one in which we get rain in intense cloudbursts. In between it's tempting to let our gardens go without irrigation forgetting that the coolness of winter does not always translate to moisture. Overall, though, this should be a good winter for our plants.

Speaking of which, there will be a December plant sale again this year, and there will be many bargains as we clear the decks for new plants for our 2010 sales. So this is a great opportunity to purchase that plant that you have wanted but thought it might be a bit too expensive. Now you can get it at a better price and just in time for the winter rains to welcome it into your garden. I often look for plants around this time of year to give as a gift for the holidays. I think it is gratifying to make this gesture for friends who love to garden, especially if you have been listening to their stories about their garden and you know what they would really like. The sale will be held at our Nursery, 10:00 to 1:00 this coming Saturday, December 5.

The downside of rains is that construction can be halted. We have anticipated that for our Pathway Project which is now in the phase that is improving the garden paths in the Great Meadow and the gardens adjacent to it. After a two-plus month pause to change contractors, the project is now full speed ahead. Even with winter rains to slow progress we anticipate that his project will be completed in February. Although temporarily disruptive, we have been pleased to note that a few visitors with mobility disabilities have expressed their pleasure and gratitude for the pathways already constructed. It has made access far friendlier for many portions of the Botanical Garden.

So come shop with us on Saturday. The pathway to the Nursery is definitely open. I look forward to seeing you there, and if I don't here's wishing you a warm holiday season.

With all best wishes,


Michael McKechnie
Executive Director, San Francisco Botanical Garden Society


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