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From the Director

Dear Friends,

Garden Feast 2009
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Children's Programs at SF Botanical Garden

Children's Programs at SF Botanical Garden
Children’s programs at SFBGS are supported by Garden Feast

Garden Feast 2009 promises to delight the attendees with Dan McCall's great food, a better than ever silent auction of plants and gardening related items, a chance to stay in a luxurious Paris apartment, and an outstanding speaker, Nell Newman of Newman's Own. This is an opportunity to invite your many friends to join you for lunch on the Great Meadow in the very heart of the Botanical Garden.

Beyond the gustatory and other pleasures, however, there is a serious and important reason for Garden Feast. Each year the Society brings 10,000 K-5 San Francisco Public School students to the Garden to learn about nature, conservation, and sustainability. The proceeds from Garden Feast help make this program flourish. This year marks two anniversaries for the program, one of which was its very genesis.

Ten years ago this fall, the current Children's Garden school year program got underway when students from Alice Fong Yu Alternative School came to work in our garden while their long-established school garden was demolished to make way for a new middle school. When the kids went back to a new school garden two years later, the Youth Education Program used the program model we developed for them to reach out to new schools. Since then, the program has expanded and evolved to serve K-5 children at four schools in a multi-visit program. This fall, we'll return to our roots, as the AFY kids are once again losing their garden temporarily, this time due to ADA work, and they will be coming to the Children's Garden to continue their gardening program. We look forward to working with our neighborhood students and teachers so closely again.

Four years ago this fall we began our collaboration with the San Francisco Green Schoolyard Alliance to provide teacher training for SF Unified School District teachers to bolster their confidence in working with students in their own school gardens. In four evening sessions they will explore "The Ecology of the School Garden" helping teachers get a deeper understanding of the processes and cycles at work.

So if you are a gardener or if you just love kids or nature, this event will both refresh you and gladden your heart. You can sign up for tickets online, email us or call 415-661-1316, extension 304.

I hope to see you on September 23.

Warm regards,


Michael McKechnie
Executive Director, San Francisco Botanical Garden Society


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