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From the Executive Director

Dear Friends,

SF Botanical Garden Volunteers, past and present

As we count down to Thanksgiving, I look at the calendar and note that our annual Volunteer Luncheon is scheduled for Thursday, November 6. This is one of my favorite celebrations of the year. For one thing it is delightfully informal and a lot of fun. It's a joy to be with three hundred friends who are united by their love for this beautiful Garden and all the programs that support it and the many communities we serve.

I continue to be impressed by the dedication and high quality work the Garden's many volunteers carry out. Particularly in times of financial stress when all budgets are tight, it is a double blessing to have your support.

Over the years we have seen gradual changes in our volunteer cadre, but there always remains the special bond between the dedicated volunteer and this great Garden. I hope you will continue to share in the joy of our progress in making the garden more beautiful and more relevant to ever-wider audiences. New gardens, new programs always inspire, but also it is necessary to attend to the valuable tried and true programs that have served the public and the Botanical Garden in the past.

I want to especially thank those volunteers who have served for many years witnessing and sometimes putting up with (!) changes. But you have also helped make those changes happen as we always strive to meet shifting audience needs.

Thank you, and I look forward to seeing every one of you on the 6th. If I don't see you then, have a warm Thanksgiving.

All the best,


Michael McKechnie
Executive Director, San Francisco Botanical Garden Society


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