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Give to the Garden

Support the health & well being of your community with a gift to the Garden.

Dear Garden Members and Supporters,


When I reflect on the past year, I think about how critical the Garden has been for our well-being and how I’ve seen so many people reconnect with nature when they visit. Our record-breaking visitation is proof that our community needs this vital resource.

For so many, San Francisco Botanical Garden is an outdoor classroom, a sanctuary, a living museum of natural beauty, a resource for conservation, or an oasis within the City. When our new docent Manisha found out she had cancer, the Garden became her lifeline.

Because of your past support, you gave Manisha that lifeline when she needed it most. Thank you. Every time you donate, you give the healing benefits of the Garden to every visitor.

Manisha is an oncologist and has lived nearby for almost 20 years but rarely came to the Garden, though she encouraged her patients to visit and connect with nature to heal. When she was diagnosed with cancer herself, she knew she needed to build a life worth fighting for—and that meant forming a bond with the natural world. 

After her treatment, her energy was depleted, but walking to the Garden from her house became her goal. It took a few tries, but when she finally made it, she felt the ultimate sense of possibility. She started coming every week and felt better with each visit. Her “Garden day” always helped her get through the week. Eventually, she started coming almost every day and realized: “being outside is not an optional thing.”

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“We all need to find places that make us whole, and I found that here. Watching things grow is so healing—I really needed that when I was sick. The Garden brought me back to life.”

Plants sustain life and are essential to our well-being. Living in an urban area, we can lose touch with plants and nature. Disconnecting from this life source can negatively affect our health. 

With your continued support, you keep giving people like Manisha strength, hope, and the healing power of plants. Every dollar you give helps sustain this essential resource for our community

The Garden has always been a place to recharge, heal, and just feel good. More than ever, we need to prioritize our health and well-being by deepening our connection to nature.

“I don’t think people always realize how special and rare the Garden is. It’s an evolving source of inspiration, resilience, and health. I can’t live without it—I think it’s the healthiest place in the City.”

Making a gift today supports...

  • health and wellness programming like yoga and meditation classes;

  • hands-on youth education programs that enrich the “whole child”;

  • docent-led tours that connect visitors to plants and their importance; and

  • a robust volunteer program that engages our community and enhances the Garden.


This spring, Manisha became a docent so she could connect more deeply with the Garden that restored her and share the wonder and awe of plants with others.

The Garden has made me realize what I can do locally to support nature. This is my Garden. It’s your Garden. It’s a well of inspiration and health and a source of resilience and meaning.” 

Thank you for supporting the health and well-being of our entire community. Please consider making a gift today

With gratitude,

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Stephanie Linder

Executive Director

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