Cloud Forests : Conserving Our Botanical Treasures

In Hanoi

On the Road

Black Tai Region

Hmong Region

The Summit
48 Vegetation Changes
49 Which Conifer?
50 Pinus kwangtungensis
51 Surrounded by Beauty
52 Distant Ridge
53 Misty Mountaintops
54 Guihaia Palm
55 Polygonatum
56 A new Paphiopedilum
57 A Glance Back
58 Good-Bye
59 A Last Look

// Photo Series //

Vietnam cloud forest
near the summit

Vietnam - The Summit
Near the summit, the vegetation changes and there is a notable increase in mosses, orchids, rhododendrons, and Vaccinium (blueberry relatives). Again, the limestone is exposed but in turn covered by mosses and orchids.

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