Cloud Forests : Conserving Our Botanical Treasures

In Hanoi

On the Road

Black Tai Region
20 Mountain Trail
21 Above Agriculture
22 Hmong Women
23 Black Tai Village
24 Meeting Hall
25 Heading Out
26 Looking Back
27 At 1000 Meters
28 Collecting Begins
29 A Rich Mix
30 At the Summit
31 Dr. Dan Harder
32 Dr. Phan Ke Loc
33 Dr. Nguyen Tien Hiep
34 Dr. Leonid Averyanov
35 A New Coelogyne
36 Calocedrus
37 Summit View
38 Making Notes
39 Cycas collina

Hmong Region

The Summit

// Photo Series //

unpaved road to the cloud forest

Vietnam - Black Tai Region
The trail into the mountains is unpaved and bone-rattlingly bumpy. We pass dry monsoon forests dominated by bamboo and deciduous trees.

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