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What do we have?


We carry books on: garden design, herbs, local guides, trees & shrubs, ferns, bonsai, botanical art, container gardening, reference books, birds, annuals, walking/hiking, and much more!

Please contact the bookstore if you have any questions on the book selections we carry. 


We carry masks, cards, calendars, tote bags, sweatshirts, magnets, maps, notebooks, posters, and many other garden-centric souvenirs that are perfect for gifts!


Peruse and purchase a wide selection of plants daily, with staff and volunteers on hand to offer advice.


Also enjoy special expanded plant offerings on select dates.

Upcoming Plant Sales:

  • January 14-15 - Magnolia and Friends

  • February 11-12 - Plants for Shade

  • March 11-12 - Houseplants

  • April 8-9 - Cacti and Succulents

  • May 13-14 - Pollinator Plants

  • June 10-11 - Herbs and Medicinal plants

  • July 8-9 - Rock Garden and Container Plants

  • August 12-13 - Epiphytes

  • Rescheduled to September 23-24 - California Natives

  • October 14-15 - Dry Garden

  • November 11-12 - Ferns

  • December 9-10 - End of Season Sale

Current Favorites:

As a botanist, Robin Wall Kimmerer has been trained to ask questions of nature with the tools of science. As a member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, she embraces the notion that plants and animals are our oldest teachers.

Braiding Sweetgrass Cover.jpg

In this impressive anthology, author Natalie Baszile brings together essays, poems, photographs, quotes, conversations, and first-person stories to examine black people’s connection to the American land from Emancipation to today. 

We are Each Others Harvest.jpg

Daniel Hinkley is widely recognized as one of the fore­most modern plant explorers and one of the world’s leading plant collectors. He has created two outstanding private gardens—Heronswood and Windcliff. Both gardens, and the story of how one begat the other, are beautifully celebrated in Hinkley’s new book, Windcliff.

Windcliff book cover.jpg

In detail-rich panels and textured panoramas, Pete Oswald perfectly paces this nearly wordless adventure, allowing readers to pause for subtle wonders and marvel at the views. A touching tribute to the bond between father and child, Hike is a breath of fresh air.

Hike book cover.jpg

Readers of all ages will pore over the pages of this spectacular book. Its die-cut pages encourage exploration as its poetic text celebrates everything Earth does for us, all the while reminding us to be a good friend in return.

My Friend Earth cover.jpg

Garden Hats

Check out the new simple, yet elegant Garden cap in the Bookstore. Adjustable. 

Bookstore ball caps.jpg

Tea Towels

Beautiful English tea towels featuring succulent, flower, and vegetables from the Cavallini & Co. archives. Make great gifts, dress up a homemade loaf of bread, or look great hung on a wall! 100% cotton.

succulent tea towel cavallini.jpg

'Grow Giants!' Hoodie 

Show your support for the San Francisco Giants and the Garden. The hoodie has been a big "hit" with nature-loving baseball fans. 50% cotton / 50% polyester.

Grow Giants Hoodie.jpg

An inspirational and beautifully illustrated book that tells the stories of 80 plants from around the globe.

Around the World in 80 Plants Cover.jpg

Ikebana is a Japanese art form that began in the fifteenth century, but a new generation of florists around the world have begun embracing its natural, minimalist ethos and reimagining it for the modern age. This modern guide to ikebana flower arranging,  explores the key themes of ikebana philosophy through 32 stunning arrangements.

Ikebana book cover.jpg

Postcolonial Love Poem is an anthem of desire against erasure. Natalie Diaz’s brilliant second collection demands that every body carried in its pages―bodies of language, land, rivers, suffering brothers, enemies, and lovers―be touched and held as beloveds. Through these poems, the wounds inflicted by America onto an indigenous people are allowed to bloom pleasure and tenderness: “Let me call my anxiety, desire, then. / Let me call it, a garden.”

Postcolonial Love Poem cover

Written by Deborah Underwood--local author, friend of San Francisco Botanical Garden, and the New York Times best-selling author. Outside In poetically underscores our powerful and enduring connection with nature, not so easily obscured by lives spent indoors.

Outside is waiting, the most patient playmate of all. The most generous friend. The most miraculous inventor. 

Outside In book cover_edited.jpg

Illustrator Katie Scott returns to the Welcome to the Museum series with exquisite, detailed images of some of the most fascinating living organisms on this planet—fungi. Exploring every sort of fungi, from the kinds we see on supermarket shelves to those like penicillium that have shaped human history, this collection is the definitive introduction to what fungi are and just how vital they are to the world's ecosystem.

Fungarium book cover.jpg


Beautiful Posters created by the brilliant minds from The Hive Studios using two-hundred year old botanical prints

17" x 22"

Magnolia poster image.jpg


Wide variety of seeds from edibles to wildflowers to your own redwood tree seed! 

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