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Welcome to San Francisco Botanical Garden, a living museum within Golden Gate Park, offering 55 acres of both landscaped gardens and open spaces, showcasing over 8,500 different kinds of plants from around the world.

San Francisco Botanical Garden's Entry Garden. Photo by Saxon Holt

Magnolias in full bloom in Temperate Asia collection.
Photo by Saxon Holt.

The Bay Area's mild temperatures, wet winters and dry summers, coupled with San Francisco's famous coastal fog, provide a range of climatic conditions that exist in few other botanical gardens in the world. These unique conditions allow it to grow and conserve plants from all over the globe, including plants that are no longer found in their native habitats.

With its unique microclimate, San Francisco Botanical Garden is able to recreate conditions of the high elevation tropical cloud forests of Central and South America and Southeast Asia. Rare high elevation palms as well as plants from New Zealand and temperate Asia also thrive here. Largely due to these natural advantages, San Francisco Botanical Garden is known for its unique, diverse and significant botanical collections. The extensive Magnolia collection, for example, attracting visitors with its dazzling display of winter flowers, is recognized as the world's fourth most significant collection of Magnolia for conservation purposes, and the most important outside China*, where a majority of Magnolia species are found.


The mission of San Francisco Botanical Garden is to create, sustain and interpret a distinct, documented collection of Mediterranean, mild temperate and tropical cloud forest plants displayed in designed gardens and to provide a place of exceptional beauty and natural sanctuary. San Francisco Botanical Garden Society builds communities of support for the Garden and expands people’s understanding and appreciation of plants.


San Francisco’s unique Botanical Garden inspires visitors with the extraordinary diversity of rare and unusual plants that can be grown in coastal California. Through its programs and displays, the Garden cultivates the bond between people and plants and instills a deeper understanding of the necessity to conserve Earth’s biological diversity. As a public/private partnership between a community-based nonprofit organization and the San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department, and a beloved San Francisco institution, we are committed to transparency, cultural diversity, inclusion and environmentally responsible practices. We are proud to be a public public garden, accessible to all and grateful to the funders who help sustain us.


San Francisco Botanical Garden will be cherished and supported locally and recognized internationally for beauty, diversity of plant collections, educational programs and inspiring conservation.

View of meadow near Moon Viewing Pond. Photo by Richard Lo

View of meadow near Moon Viewing Pond. Photo by Richard Lo.

San Francisco Botanical Garden offers a place where visitors can experience nature, learn about plants and the environment in an 'outdoor classroom,' relax and seek respite from city life in an urban sanctuary, 365 days a year. We aim for our visitors to connect with and more fully understand the need to protect nature, whether they are dedicated gardeners or admirers of the planet's diverse beauty.

Come explore the Botanical Garden's beauty, including the California Native Garden and Redwood Grove; Succulent Garden; Garden of Fragrance; Andean Cloud Forest and Chilean Garden, Mesoamerican and Southeast Asian Cloud Forests; Rhododendron Garden; Ancient Plant Garden; Moon Viewing Garden, Conifer collection and, of course, our magnificent Magnolia collection.

We invite you to return again and again throughout the seasons.

San Francisco Botanical Garden and San Francisco Rec & Park Department: Working in Partnership since 1955.

San Francisco Botanical Garden is a collaboration between San Francisco Botanical Garden Society and San Francisco Recreation and Parks. San Francisco Botanical Garden Society has been supporting the continued development of the Botanical Garden and its educational programs since 1955. We welcome visitors from San Francisco, the Bay Area and all over the world.


*Botanical Gardens Conservation International (BGCI), June 2008, Global Survey of Ex situ Magnoliaceae Collections

SFBGS and San Francisco Recreation and Park Department San Francisco Botanical Garden's beauty and value as a major cultural resource are the result of a successful public/private partnership between San Francisco Botanical Garden Society and the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department.

ADMISSION  FREE for Members, SF Residents (with proof of residency) & School Groups | $9 Non-residents | Discounts for Seniors, Families & Children

LOCATED In Golden Gate Park, with entrances at the corner of Ninth Ave. at Lincoln Way (Main Gate) & at MLK Jr. Drive off the Music Concourse (Friend/North Gate) | Phone: (415) 661-1316 | Mail: 1199 9th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122-2370

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