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The Tomato Harvest

written by: Lisa Van Cleef posted: August 30, 2010


Despite a summer without sunshine, we have tomatoes!  When the harvest is in, we at the Hortiphile start boiling the water for pasta.

Bernal Heights Sungold Harvest

Our favorite use for cherry tomatoes is to cut them in half, add minced fresh garlic and lots of chopped basil and parsley. Smother the whole mess in olive oil and allow that delightful concoction to sit for several hours.

When it’s chow time, cook your pasta, drain and toss with the uncooked cherry tomato surprise.  Add grated cheese if you’re a cheese adding person.  Then EAT!

The Hortiphile wants to know.  How do you  use your cherry tomatoes?

For new ideas, check out this recent NY Times story for more fun with fresh tomatoes.


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