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Pardon My Rant

written by: Lisa Van Cleef posted: July 27, 2010


Hanging out in the garden this weekend,

we worked ourselves into a frenzy discussing the changing role of the backyard gardener. Sure it’s always been a great hobby, now it’s an important hobby.

More than ever, Gardeners are now playing an important environmental role.  We can directly contribute to keeping endangered plant species alive.  Some of the plant species we sell at our sales are kept alive only by people taking the time and energy to cultivate them.  Saving and planting heirloom seeds keeps the species alive for future generations.

Bee with Pollen. Photo from pdphoto.org.

We can provide needed habitat and food for pollinators that are having a tough time these days.  By gardening organically, we provide a healthy, safe habitat for bees, birds, butterflies and other creatures that pollinate our food and flowers.

We are protectors of the soil, protectors of the Bay.  What we pour into our soil makes its way into our food and eventually makes its way to the Bay.  We gardeners are playing an active role keeping our Bay alive.

Gardeners, take a bow.  You’re making an impact.  A positive impact.

Want to learn to grow vegetables in the urban world?  Check out our Growing Edibles Workshop led by Master Gardeners.


Find out what’s happening to the bees and how you can help at our Honey Bees in Crisis class.

And finally,  don’t miss the amazing Ernesto Sandoval’s class,  How and Why Plants Live, Die and Thrive in Our Gardens.

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