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The Native Wildflower Meadow at its peak!

written by: San Francisco Botanical Garden posted: March 4, 2010


The Natives Erupt!

Come see Spring exploding.  The Native Plant Garden at the San Francisco Botanical Garden will be at the height of its outrageous bloom in April.   With hundreds of plants flowering, there is no closer place for San Franciscans to see California’s famous wildflowers doing their thing than right here in Golden Gate Park.

SFBG Native Plant Garden

Saxon Holt captures the bloom

Come catch the breathtaking wildflower meadow in full glory with irises, poppies, rhododendrons, lupine and more all competing for your attention.  It’s a setting that rivals any garden anywhere—in a truly California style.

More than all the other states combined

California boasts close to 6000 native plants, more than all the other states combined!  In fact, California was named one of the 25 biodiversity hotspots on the planet–places with the highest concentrations of plant life on earth. You’ll see some of our state’s most beautiful natives at our garden.

Things to Do

Bring your family and a picnic.  Have the kids count how many different flowers they can find.  Identify how many different colors there are in the garden.  Take a look at the diversity of leaf shapes.  Bring your sketchbook and your camera, or just sit and simply enjoy the view

Free Guided Tours Available!

Departing from the bookstore

Monday – Friday: 1:30 pm
Weekends: 10:30 am & 1:30 pm

Departing from the Friend Gate (north entrance)

Wednesday, Friday & Sunday at 2 pm

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