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Native Planting Time

written by: Lisa Van Cleef posted: October 1, 2010


It’s time to plant natives!  The shorter days and impending rains lead to stronger, bigger, all-around better plants.  But what to put in?

California fuchsia shot by the amazing Eric Hunt

Looking for some ideas for natives? Here are four of our favorites–two shrubs and two smaller perennials.

For shrubs, how about a Flannel bush (Fremontodendron californicum) or Wild lilac (Ceanothus)? Both put out a generous bouquet of beautiful flowers and make a nice screen if you’re desperate for privacy.

Flannelbush flowers calling to you

Looking for something smaller?   Try the California fuchsias (Epilobium).  These are hearty little beasts that attract hummingbirds and many other pollinators.

Another spirited beauty that does particularly well in the fogbelt is the coastal aster (Aster chilensis).  This delightful  daisy can flower all year long and butterflies find it oh-so irresistible.

We’ve got a plant sale on Saturday, October 9, 10 am-1pm.  Come and get your natives!  There will be lots of knowledgeable volunteers to help you make the right choice for your garden.

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