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written by: San Francisco Botanical Garden posted: February 16, 2010


SFBG Succulent GardenWhat’s this Blog All About?

The Hortiphile is the San Francisco Botanical Garden’s blog celebrating the world of plants, nature and green living in the Bay Area. We seek information that’s useful, informative and fascinating for anyone interested in living a greener, more plant-connected, nature-rich life.

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About the San Francisco Botanical Garden

The San Francisco Botanical Garden spreads out over 55 acres in the heart of Golden Gate Park featuring over 8,000 varieties of plants from around the world. Open 365 days a year, we are a haven for city-dwellers and visitors seeking a connection to nature.

  • Covering all things plant/garden/nature-related, The SFBG Hortiphile is one part newspaper, one part bulletin board, one part water cooler and one part hanging over the back fence talking to your neighbor. It's a place for Bay Area folks to share news, ideas, tips and hints for living the green life.