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The Best Compost Screen Ever

written by: Lisa Van Cleef posted: August 30, 2010

The platonic compost screen.  Perfect in every way.

Are you looking for an easy to use screen to sift your compost?  Are you looking for a free screen to sift your compost? Then look no further. Read the full story »

The Tomato Harvest

written by: Lisa Van Cleef posted:

Bernal Heights Sungold Harvest

Despite a summer without sunshine, we have tomatoes!  When the harvest is in, we at the Hortiphile start boiling the water for pasta.

Read the full story »

Plant of the Moment

written by: Lisa Van Cleef posted: August 15, 2010

Lion's Tail Struttin' Its Stuff

With thousands of plants to tempt us, it’s impossible for us to ever decide on a plant of the day, much less a plant of the week.

The Hortiphile is happiest with a Plant of the Moment.  This moment?  It’s the South African Lion’s Tail. Read the full story »

A Wild Wall Garden

written by: Lisa Van Cleef posted: August 12, 2010


A fabulous garden growing 10 feet off the sidewalk

Check out this stunning wall garden over the Candy Store Collective on 16th Street in the Mission.  It’s a hortiphile’s delight to bump into gorgeous gardens where we least expect them, like perched on the side of a building.

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