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Pardon My Rant

written by: Lisa Van Cleef posted: July 27, 2010


Hanging out in the garden this weekend,

we worked ourselves into a frenzy discussing the changing role of the backyard gardener. Sure it’s always been a great hobby, now it’s an important hobby.

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Pruning Tomato Plants

written by: Lisa Van Cleef posted: July 21, 2010

Pruning tomatoes, LA Times photo by Ann Summa

Interesting story in the LA Times today on pruning tomatoes.  Sungolds are her favorites, a tomato San Franciscans can grow just as well as fog-free folk.

Going to Seed

written by: Lisa Van Cleef posted: July 19, 2010


Looking for an excuse to do nothing?  Let your garden go to seed. 

Check out this quick video and the International Seed Savers site for more info.  Saving seeds is easy, it’s a great way to save money and you’ll feel so darned self-reliant when your new crops appear.  Added bonus–birds will love you, too.

The book, Seed Sowing and Saving by Carole B. Turner is a terrific resource featuring seed saving advice on more than 100 vegetables, flowers and herbs.

Taking It To The Streets

written by: Lisa Van Cleef posted: July 7, 2010

Street corner garden in all its glory

Street gardens in the Mission are looking fabulous.

A quick stroll through the neighborhood on the Fourth of July was a botanical deeelight.   Summer is definitely here. Read the full story »

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