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Three Native Beauties for Your Garden

written by: Lisa Van Cleef posted: March 25, 2010

Iris douglasiana by Saxon Holt

Looking for some native splendor for your garden? Take a look at California’s Douglas iris, our wild lilacs or a flannel bush.  All available at the big Annual Sale Friday April 30 and May 1. Read the full story »

The Native Wildflower Meadow at its peak!

written by: San Francisco Botanical Garden posted: March 4, 2010

Saxon Holt captures the bloom

The Natives Erupt!

Come see Spring exploding.  The Native Plant Garden at the San Francisco Botanical Garden will be at the height of its outrageous bloom in April.   With hundreds of plants flowering, there is no closer place for San Franciscans to see California’s famous wildflowers doing their thing than right here in Golden Gate Park. Read the full story »

Looking For a Miracle? Start Composting

written by: San Francisco Botanical Garden posted:

Yum.  A nutrition-packed tub of homemade compost

It’s Composting Time!

Some call it compost, some call it humus, I call it a miracle.  It’s easy to make.   The trash you’re dealing with was designed to decompose–It’ll rot all on its own.  Here’s some tips for making compost. Read the full story »

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