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San Francisco Botanical Garden Society supports the Botanical Garden through fundraising, plant collections, propagation and sales, bookstore, library, youth and adult education, and visitor services, while San Francisco's Recreation and Park Department oversees garden and structural maintenance. San Francisco County Fair Building, located adjacent to the Botanical Garden, is managed by the Recreation and Park Department.

San Francisco Botanical Garden Society

General Information

(415) 661-1316
1199 9th Avenue San Francisco, CA 94122
Main Gate Kiosk(415) 368-5406 
North Gate Kiosk(415) 368-6500 


Bette Mc DonnellOffice Manager & Executive Assistant(415) 661-1316, ext 401
Sue Ann SchiffExecutive Director(415) 661-1316, ext 415
Bookstore(415) 661-1316 ext 409
Dennis GutmannBookstore Manager(415) 661-1316 ext 408
Vicky JulianBookstore Assistant(415) 661-1316 ext 408

Development & Membership

Bekah PaigeDevelopment Specialist(415) 661-1316 ext 301
Lillian B. ArcherDirector of Development(415) 661-1316 ext 305
Mona ChangDevelopment Officer(415) 661-1316 ext 304
Monica RennerMembership Manager(415) 661-1316 ext 302


Matt AyotteDirector of Finance (415) 661-1316, ext 307
Library(415) 661-1316 ext 414
Abbey LevantiniAssistant Librarian(415) 661-1316 ext 403
Brandy KuhlHead Librarian(415) 661-1316 ext 403

Marketing & Communications

(415) 661-1316 ext 416
Brendan LangeVisitor Services & Marketing Director(415) 661-1316 ext 416
Nina SazevichPublicist(415) 752-2483

Plant Collections

Diane GlaubNursery Assistant(415) 661-3090 ext 429
Don MahoneyCurator(415) 661-3090 ext 429
Marc JohnsonCuratorial Assistant(415) 661-1316 ext 405
Lizzy EdsonGIS Technician & Field Coordinator(415) 661-1316 ext 410
Mona BourellPlant Collections Registrar(415) 661-1316 ext 405
Olivier ThériaultCuratorial Assistant(415) 661-1316 ext 405
Steve GenslerGIS Manager(415) 661-1316 ext 410

Visitor Services

(415) 661-1316 ext 416
Manager on Duty (415) 368-5007
Angela Moore-EvansAgent 
Brendan LangeVisitor Services & Marketing Director(415) 661-1316 ext 416
Elizabeth FrankelAgent 
Eric NewportAgent 
Gary M. BrowdAgent 
James DeYoungAgent 
James FadaviAgent 
Karla SchiemannVisitor Services Supervisor(415) 661-1316 ext 412
Kim RoudebushAgent 
Melissa GrubaughAgent 
Monika RomeroLead Agent 
Nina EldredgeAgent 
Sarah GarveyAgent 
Scott NadzamLead Agent 

Volunteer Services & Public Programs

(415) 661-1316 ext 400
Chloe WielandVolunteer Services Manager(415) 661-1316, ext 400

Youth Education

(415) 661-1316 ext 407
Annette HuddlePublic Programs Acting Director(415) 661-1316 ext 407
Gretchen NorrellChildren's Garden Educator(415) 637-4373
Laura LuzziSchool Walks Coordinator(415) 661-1316 ext 407

San Francisco Recreation and Parks

San Francisco Recreation and Parks Administration

Carol SionkowskiPark Section Supervisor(415) 753-7092
Eric AndersenActing Garden Director(415) 831-6818
Jeanne RichNursery Specialist(415) 753-7092
Kern LeeCounty Fair Building & Event Reservations(415) 831-5500, ext 3
Robert FiorelloPark Services Captain(415) 753-7092


Diane Schaumleffel  
Dolores Gamez  
Lisa Graves  
Janet Lopez  
Jason Martinez  
Owen O'Connor  
Patrick Quinn  
Shannon Sweeney  
Tyler Taunton  
SFBGS and San Francisco Recreation and Park Department San Francisco Botanical Garden's beauty and value as a major cultural resource are the result of a successful public/private partnership between San Francisco Botanical Garden Society and the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department.

ADMISSION  FREE for Members, SF Residents (with proof of residency) & School Groups | $7 Non-residents | Discounts for Seniors & Children

LOCATED In Golden Gate Park, with entrances at the corner of Ninth Ave. at Lincoln Way (Main Gate) & at MLK Jr. Drive off the Music Concourse (Friend/North Gate) | Phone: (415) 661-1316 | Mail: 1199 9th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122-2370

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